My Dress-Up Darling

I had a great moment at work once where a buddy of mine—the manager, in fact—asked me “If Hatsune Miku showed up right now and wanted your dick, would you skip work?” and my immediate response was “Is that even a question?”… Read more.

The Bathroom

Now, in theory The Bathroom does share some elements with shows like Kappo and Utsu Musume; it’s an avant-garde comedic 10 minute movie depicting a bunch of weird shit without any real story or voice acting, except it’s actually really fucking funny, creative and clearly took serious amounts of effort.… Read more.

Kappo / Utsu Musume Sayuri

The point, though, still stands; the primary reason why this kind-of thing falls outside of my usual comfort zone is because these aren’t traditional shows and can’t really be critiqued in the same way as something like, say, Domestic Girlfriend for example.… Read more.