New YouTube video!

Hey there epic gamers, 49 GB here. We just finished premiering the first episode of the Skull Lantern Podcast, which you can find here! For anyone coming to this site from that video or just from my YouTube channel in general, welcome and enjoy your stay!… Read more.

His and Her Circumstances

I am a firm believer in the notion that a good story is not about coming up with a good idea, but strong execution of whatever idea it is that you do have; essentially, good writing is not about coming up with premises, it’s about the ability to make something compelling out of even the most basic premise.… Read more.

Upcoming review

I just finally finished getting everything set up and all of my already existing work archived, so this’ll be the first unique post I make (outside of what’s written on my About page); hello everyone/anyone who might be reading and welcome!… Read more.