Unrealistic Expectations

…but once major studios came to the realization that they could be making way more money than they were already simply by incorporating the very same tactics used by the mobile and free-to-play game studios they were ignoring (largely as a result of attempting to appeal to what at the time was their primary audience, the “core gamer”), everything shifted because that audience of core gamers were being actively shunned by major studios and publishers for the sake of appealing to and taking advantage of the broadest audience possible.… Read more.


…now, criticism is not harassment. That much is something I believe in deeply as a critic myself. But could you argue that some of what is said or done during some of the Content Cop videos goes beyond being simple criticism and becomes harassment?… Read more.

Hogwarts Legacy, “Professional” Journalism, and How Financial Incentive Can Corrupt Completely

I have been doing critique for quite a while. It was only somewhat recently however that I really started to become comfortable with the idea of being a self-professed “critic”. Despite that, I think it’s important that I be honest with the both of us about what exactly it is that I’m doing here, and how it’s been exaggerated by the insane political discourse that has erupted around Hogwarts Legacy for over a month now.… Read more.

The Dog & The Boy, and What The Advent of AI Generated Artwork Means For The Anime Industry

Now, do we necessarily have to be worried about an incoming dystopian future where all media is just AI generated by massive corporations without any need for human input, destroying creative professions utterly? Of course not—that’s just silly. But the underlying worry behind that thought—the idea that creativity and passion for things like writing, artwork and animation will die because it’s no longer considered a safe or viable career path—is a very valid one.… Read more.