I’m not really sure how much I can even say about Pupa that hasn’t already been said and to be completely honest it’s hard to passionately despise it at this point (especially when considering how short it was and how easy it was to laugh at), but I’m going to take the quality time to paint a complete picture of my disgust anyways.… Read more.

Squid Game

Now, I know what you’re thinking; I, of all people, actually sat down to watch something besides an anime, and an insanely popular show no less? Who is this strange man and what has he done with the overlord of #TeamProtag!?… Read more.

Kappo / Utsu Musume Sayuri

The point, though, still stands; the primary reason why this kind-of thing falls outside of my usual comfort zone is because these aren’t traditional shows and can’t really be critiqued in the same way as something like, say, Domestic Girlfriend for example.… Read more.

Elfen Lied

That brings us to what is perhaps my primary point of contention—the “plot”. Nothing that happens in this show makes sense. Let me break down the story for you (all of the fucking interpersonal melodrama between characters entirely ignorant of what’s going on behind the scenes aside, we’ll get to that trust me).… Read more.