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I just finally finished getting everything set up and all of my already existing work archived, so this’ll be the first unique post I make (outside of what’s written on my About page); hello everyone/anyone who might be reading and welcome! If you’ve already done some browsing, you’ll have seen on my About page that this opinion piece was in large part what got me to start this blog, but it also just so happened to coincide with the review of His and Her Circumstances that I’ll be releasing soon; because I’m now a third of the way through writing modern reviews for all of the shows I’ve seen and my original review of His and Her Circumstances written 8 years ago was at one point the longest I’d ever written, this new shiny version of it as a review of the 40th out of the 120 shows on my anime list is something of a special occasion. It’ll most likely be released sometime on Wednesday or Thursday as my first brand new review published to the blog, I think it turned out fantastically and I’m excited to share it here!

In the meantime, feel free to check out all of my other material, and check out my About page for links to some of my other stuff (a few of them are still missing at the moment, it’ll be taken care of soon). For any of my readers who are coming here from my YouTube channel and my Ranceverse lecture, thank you so much for your insanely positive response to that video; it was a ton of fun to do and I never would have expected it to reach anywhere near 3,000 views! I’ll be hopefully coming out of hibernation to release a new video in the very near future–partly to announce and make you all over there aware this blog now exists, and partly because there’s a specific video idea I’ve wanted to try doing for a while now. All that aside, it’s like 11 in the morning, I haven’t slept and I have to drive to work in like 4 hours so I need to go the fuck to sleep

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